Tudor Watches

Tudor Watches

A Tudor watch represents almost 100 years of innovation and history. The brand was founded in 1926 by Anglophile and watchmaking visionary Hans Wilsdorf. Since then, Tudor has enjoyed a reputation for crafting watches of quality and style.

With a rich catalog of iconic models to draw inspiration from, models in the Tudor Heritage line feature a larger contemporary size, as well as ever-evolving technologies for improved performance. Models like the Heritage Ranger perfectly capture the spirit of a bygone age. The Tudor Glamour range features elegant timepieces whose classical lines and sophisticated style are ideal for formal events.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Hans Wilsdorf was a man of unbridled energy, vision, and passion. Wilsdorf is best known as the founder of the legendary Rolex. But he was also someone who was not willing to coast by on his success. In February 1926 Wilsdorf asked the watchmaker Veuve de Philippe Hüther to register the trademark “The Tudor” on his behalf. Thanks to the recognition of its sister brand, Rolex, Tudor quickly established a reputation for making watches of exceptional robustness and accuracy at a more accessible price. In 1936 Wilsdorf assumed full control of the company and it was at this time that the company logo, the famous Tudor rose, was born. For Wilsdorf, the rose was the perfect distillation of what a Tudor watch represented: a harmonious fusion of strength and grace.

The Watch for Professionals

It was the launch of the legendary Oyster Prince Submariner in 1954 that cemented the company's horological legacy. The Oyster Prince was a remarkable tool-watch and a trusted companion for divers the world over. The famous dive watches of this era live on in the new collection of Heritage Black Bay watches. Featuring the signature Tudor snowflake hands, the Black Bay collection distills 60 years of watchmaking history and is available in a choice of sleek stainless steel bracelets or soft leather straps.

Functional Form Inside and Out

Tudor produces watches with a variety of complications, resulting in a true blend of function and form. Sporty chronographs feature the super accurate self-winding Caliber 2892 movement, while eye-catching GMT pieces simultaneously display the time in two or even three time zones. Tudor also takes pride in producing its own movements. For instance, the Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5612, which is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, powers the Tudor Pelagos collection. This automatic movement has a 70 hour power reserve and offers a date display at the 3 o'clock position.

A Modern Icon

True to the vision of the man who founded the company, Tudor refuses to rest on its laurels. Models like the Fastrider Black Shield combine bold styling with cutting-edge materials. The watch case and strap of the Fastrider series, made from high-tech injection-molded ceramic, is harder than steel and far lighter. It is this uncompromising attitude and dedication to innovation that has forged Tudor's reputation as a beloved watch of horology connoisseurs. No wonder then that both Lady Gaga and David Beckham, trail-blazing mavericks in their own right, are proud to be Tudor brand ambassadors. A Tudor watch a great choice for individuals who are not afraid to forge their own path.