Timex Watches

Timex Watches

When many wearers think of wristwatches, they often think of Timex. The brand has created iconic watches since 1854, with a focus on innovation and manufacturing that set it apart from the rest and has allowed it to stand the test of time. The brand's watches were so popular that - at one time - a third of all watches sold bore the Timex name. 


Stainless steel, robust rubber, quartz, or mechanical, a Timex watch is there for life's great moments. Sports watches like the Intelligent Quartz Chrono Timer feature analog dials and chronographs to help athletes achieve their goals. Big and bold digital dials are available for those after a more modern look. Meanwhile, the classic Marlin, with its mid-century design, is an enduring heirloom piece.

A Long Tradition of Innovation

The Timex story begins in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut. The Waterbury Clock Company, which would later change its name to Timex, was responsible for bringing clocks into the living rooms of the up-and-coming middle class. It did this by focusing on innovation and using the latest manufacturing processes to keep costs down. It was this dedication to efficiency and progress that made the company's clocks and watches a mainstay of American life, even attracting famous fans like Mark Twain. 

Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking

By the 1950s every third watch sold in the world proudly bore the Timex name. Such was the success of the Timex watch that the Waterbury Clock company decided to rename itself after its best-selling product. A series of live broadcast commercials helped Timex cement its status as a maker of watches of exceptional quality and unbeatable value. The ads famously showed off the durability of the Timex watches. In one famous commercial, an archer strapped an elegant Timex Marlin watch to an arrow and fired it through a pane of glass. The watch survived this and many other brutal tests, proving true the Timex tagline: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Ironman, a Modern Classic

It was this focus on making tough and affordable watches that led to the iconic Ironman series. The Ironman, released in 1984, lays claim to being the world's first true sports watch. Building on its expertise in making extraordinarily robust watches, Timex designed a watch that could tackle any challenge. Functions like a split chronograph help athletes track their performance. The waterproof casing and robust shock-proof body made the Ironman a true tool watch. Since its launch, the Ironman has accompanied athletes across finish lines, to mountain summits, and helped them conquer the limits of performance.

Watches of Quality for All

Over the long and rich history of Timex, it's the company's dedication to innovation and exceptional quality that has helped it become a trusted timepiece the world over. Available in a wide range of designs - including gold-tone, rubber, or stainless steel band watches - Timex watches embody versatility. And thanks to partnerships with brands like Todd Snyder, the design language of these iconic timepieces has been subtly updated for modern sensibilities.

While Timex continues to symbolize a pioneering spirit of adventure, it also holds nostalgic value for horology fans. Many have fond memories of their first timepiece—often a prized Timex Snoopy watch. Whether you're looking for a graduation watch, wedding gift, or training companion, Timex continues to be a watch for life.