Technomarine Watches

TechnoMarine Watches

TechnoMarine watches combine unique styling and exceptional quality. The young brand's stylized "M" logo decorates the dial of watches that are unafraid to make a statement. Designed in the U.S. and made in Switzerland, a TechnoMarine is a true original.

TechnoMarine has made a name for itself by combining Swiss-made timepieces with bold design. The chronograph feature on its Manta and JellyFish ranges makes it a popular choice among sports enthusiasts. A Cruise Monogram watch makes a bold statement with its chunky bezel and sturdy strap, while the MoonSun range offers understated colors and minimalist shapes. Choose from black dials contrasting against rose gold-tone bezels and stainless steel bracelets, or opt for modern silicone straps. 

Inspired by the Elements

Established in 1997, TechnoMarine is a relative newcomer to the world of horology. However, in this short space of time, TechnoMarine has made a name for itself thanks to its remarkably stylish and affordable watches. The watches pop with color and draw inspiration from the sun, sand, and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It's no surprise as the company's head office, nestled among the palm trees of sunny Florida, doesn't have far to go for inspiration.

Watches of Distinct Style

TechnoMarine watches adorn the wrists of discerning individuals all over the globe. Elegant timepieces like those in the Cruise Monogram collection are equally at ease on the promenades of St. Tropez or a yacht moored in the calm seas of the Caribbean. Then, the company's Sporty TechnoMarine watches offer a variety of styles for more adventurous spirits.  Stainless steel bracelets have a more traditional look while silicone straps offer the latest in lightweight materials.

Effortless Elegance

TechnoMarine watches offer a balanced smart casual look, thanks to their refined aesthetics and confident design. Pieces from the MoonSun collection demonstrate TechnoMarine's innovative aesthetic, with details like applied gold or silver-tone hour indices carefully set in a contrasting black dial. The result result is a look that is timeless and effortlessly assertive.

Two-tone straps and playful use of materials characterize TechnoMarine watches. The JellyFish chronograph collection features traditional elements like rose gold tone finishes contrasted against modern stainless steel casings covered in colorful silicone. It's this focus on design that has set TechnoMarine in a class of its own, resulting in young, vibrant timepieces.

Exceptional Engineering

The chronograph represents the pinnacle of traditional watchmaking and is a complication that is usually available from only the most prestigious names in watchmaking. The high-quality Hattori movement that powers these watches ensures that they are not only incredibly accurate timekeepers but also able to display two time zones at the same time.

TechnoMarine offers watches with this functionality in a variety of different styles - including the popular Manta - with sporty models for timing laps and bold, elegant pieces for timing your waiter. It's this commitment to the craft and history of watchmaking that sets TechnoMarine apart.

A TechnoMarine watch is more than just a fashionable piece of jewelry. It is also a Swiss-made statement of engineering excellence. Robust dive watches combine a sturdy casing to deliver an instantly recognizable look that characterizes TechnoMarine's style.