Swatch Watches

Swatch Watches

The world knows Swatch for its Swiss-made watches of style and character. For almost four decades, the company has brought fun and color to wrists all over the world.

An innovator from the start, Swatch is known for creating watches that are accessible, fun and push the boundaries of technology and design. From the minimalist elegance of the Skin collection to bold chronograph sports watches, Swatch designs deliver wide appeal. Iconic styles like the Sistem51 demonstrate Swiss craftsmanship at its best, with men's, women's, and unisex watches appealing to horology connoisseurs and lovers of great design. 

A Modern Swiss Watch

Swatch has made affordable, easy-to-wear watches since 1978.  At that time, the advent of quartz movements disrupted and nearly toppled the Swiss watchmaking industry. Swiss watch sales declined rapidly as modern digital watches with quartz movements became more accessible. In 1979 Japanese watchmakers introduced the world's thinnest watch, at just under one inch thick. In response, Swiss watchmaking groups Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie AG (ASUAG) and Société Suisse pour l’industrie Horlogère SA (SSIH) joined forces to create their own lightweight watch. The result was the Delirium, unveiled in early 1979. This ultra-thin mechanical watch had all its components in a single plate, mounted straight into the watch case—a new technique that would become the basis for future Swatch technology. Created as Switzerland's response to lightweight and affordable Japanese brands, Swatch watches are now synonymous with affordable luxury.

A Swiss Revolution

Although ASUAG and SSIH merged to form what would become the Swatch Group in 1983, the Swatch name didn't become official until late 1984. That didn't stop ASUAG and SSIH from making watches. By the end of 1985 the group had already produced nearly 10 million timepieces bearing the Swatch name.

Swatch further shook up the industry by moving away from coded references and giving their watches names. The lightweight Tennis Grid was the first official Swatch model. Other groundbreaking models followed. The Limelight, the first plastic watch adorned with genuine diamonds, continued to push the boundaries of luxury and fashion. This forward-thinking spirit continues to define Swatch watches

Mechanical Excellence

By the late 1980s, Swatch had accomplished its goal of restoring Switzerland's place as a watchmaking leader. But it had done something more—it had created a new market. Combining centuries of watchmaking expertise, cutting-edge materials and a flair for design, Swatch established itself as a leader in accessible luxury. In 2013, Swatch launched its Sistem51 model, which became an instant modern-day classic. The battery-less watch had a 90-hour power reserve and fully automatic movements, continuing the legacy for invention and style that the very first models established.

Every Swatch watch is still proudly made in Switzerland. And all models are still subject to the same exacting standards for design, manufacture, and quality.

Always Elegant, Always Modern

The Swatch collection of unisex watches demonstrate a wide appeal. Instantly recognizable plastic and silicone straps are stylish, lightweight, and practical. Retro silhouettes with colorful bands will appeal to collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Powerful chronograph models are robust and feature traditional shapes and bold subdials. Swatch, the brand that rescued the Swiss watchmaking industry continues to prove itself with its accessibility and design prowess.