Suunto Watches

Suunto Watches

Suunto watches were born of necessity. Designed to help navigate the harshest climates, they served as vital tools in extreme environments. 

Famous for its GPS watch range, Suunto produces an array of rugged timepieces. The Suunto Traverse and Spartan Wrist HR have become mainstays with fans of the outdoors. These watches include a wealth of useful features like a heart rate monitor and altimeter. Available with classic analog faces and modern digital displays, Suunto watches are never out of place, no matter the terrain.

Practical Beginnings

Suunto founder Tuomas Vohlonen was an avid outdoorsman, who iexplored the vast geography of his native Finland as a surveyor. During his treks, he found traditional compasses were simply too bulky and fragile for the task at hand. He set about making a compass that was light enough to wear on the wrist and robust enough to survive the rugged outdoors. This experimentation resulted in the development of the legendary M-311 compass, which debuted in 1936 and was an instant hit. In the wake of this success, the company expanded quickly and was soon selling compasses and navigation instruments to civilian and military users around the world. Even as it grew, Suunto remains proud of its Finnish identity and still has its headquarters in Vaanta, on the outskirts of Helsinki.

A Legend in the World of Diving

Suunto is a company that refuses to rest on its laurels. The revolutionary SK-4, the world's first diving compass, launched in 1965 and helped cement Suunto's reputation as the go-to tool for exploration. But it was the company's embrace of digital technology in the 1980s that transformed the sport of diving in a way not seen since the times of Jacques Cousteau. The 1987 launch of the Suunto SME-ML was a milestone in the sport of scuba diving. The robust signature case of the Suunto SME-ML featured the world's first electronic diving computer. With this innovation, divers were finally free of the bulky and complex diving tables they had been using to manually to calculate decompression rates.

Driven by Exploration

Suunto's name comes from the Finnish word for "direction." It has kept that pioneering spirit and focus on innovation at its heart, making it no surprise that Suunto is famous for its GPS watch range. Suunto watches have tackled the harshest elements, scaled the highest peaks, and explored the darkest depths around the globe. To this day, a thirst for adventure and focus on performance lie at the center of Suunto watch design. The Spartan Wrist HR features a heart rate monitor and GPS that can monitor activity and heart health. Climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts will also appreciate the altimeter feature on the Suunto Traverse.

Always at Ease

Attention to detail and commitment to durability serve as the foundation of every Suunto timepiece. More than a sports watch, a Suunto timepiece is a truly versatile accessory. The striking minimalist design and modern technological features of these watches mean that whether on a mountaintop or a modern metropolis, a Suunto is always in style.