Sevenfriday Watches

Sevenfriday Watches

The idea behind the Sevenfriday brand was to create designer watches that felt unique to the wearer, while still being accessibly priced. The name refers to the Latin saying “Carpe Diem," meaning to “Seize the Day." It is a reminder to enjoy all seven days of the week, with Friday being the celebrated start to the weekend. Sevenfriday's pieces attract a youthful audience, and the company relies primarily on social media to spread the word about its innovative watches.

Sevenfriday’s watches embrace neo-industrial themes with steampunk-esque materials and earthy colors. Elaborate oversized dials create a futuristic look, secured by rich leather straps. Functional elements like luminescent hands and semi-obscured counters add a twist on conventional watchmaking tropes. Thick square cushion shapes reflect a vintage 1960s aesthetic, especially when teamed with all-white hues. Each Sevenfriday men’s casual, dress or sports watch is alluring and accessible to add personality to any look.

Designer Watches with Accessibility

Sevenfriday is fairly new to the watchmaking world. Company founder Daniel Niederer first got the idea for designing timepieces when he spent time working with and restructuring watchmaking companies in cities like Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore. He saw a gap in the market, realizing that aesthetically pleasing watches did not have to carry an outrageous price tag. Niederer changed careers, shifting from business-oriented roles into watch design. After moving back to his Swiss home in 2012, Niederer launched Sevenfriday.

Watches Straight out of Science Fiction

Design takes priority with Sevenfriday’s timepieces. These watches do not follow trends—they set them. The company's collections feature chronographs with an industrial-style gauge for telling the time, a chunky look that takes cues from past technological revolutions. Each watch has an oversized quality, with elaborate dials that challenge conventional watchmaking practices. The best example is the M-Series, where contrasting materials create a science-fiction-style aesthetic.

Sevenfriday watches are also a love letter to the 1960s. This nostalgic theme shows in the watches' square cushion shapes, defined by rounded edges and a thicker style. It's also found in all-white pieces, echoing the past while also cleverly mimicking contemporary smart watch styles.

Precision, Functionality, and Earthy Hues

Although aesthetics take center stage, Sevenfriday’s watches also include little extras that really set them apart. For instance, luminescent hands mean that you'll always know what time it is, even in low lighting. Further functional elements include scratch-resistant mineral crystal. Many Sevenfriday watches also have a PVD (physical vapor deposition) finish that ensures durability. Look for high quality materials including tough stainless steel and tactile calfskin leather. An industrial-inspired color palette provides a masculine feel, defined by burnt umber, deep black, and matte silver.

For Wearers Who Think Creatively

Although Sevenfriday is a Swiss brand, it proudly states that it does not produce watches in Switzerland. Sevenfriday has abandoned the need for the Swiss-made label, believing that China is equally as innovative when it comes to horology. There’s a rebellious edge to its offerings, be they sports or dress pieces. What’s more, Sevenfriday’s creative approach to horology has led to it becoming a favorite with musicians, artists, and designers who like to think outside the box. The main draw? With their bold, distinctive designs, each Sevenfriday men’s watch is a guaranteed talking point that comes at an affordable price point.