Saint Honore Watches

Saint Honore Watches

Saint Honore is a family-run watchmaking business based in Paris, France. Established by the Frésard family in 1991, Saint Honore draws on the rich watchmaking history of the Jura Alps, the home of French watchmaking and also where Victorin Frésard, the family patriarch, first plied his craft as a watchmaker.

Saint Honore watches offer are elegant pieces that appeal to modern sensibilities. High-end elements of classical horology, such as a chronograph, are gracefully combined with inventive design. This quality is apparent in the entire Saint Honore collection. Particularly striking are the house's range of sports watches that combine an assertive sporty style with the discreet elegance of a timepiece designed for formal wear.

The Inspiration

Saint Honore is proud to be part of the long and prestigious history of French watchmaking. The company's designs draw inspiration from the cobbled streets, grand boulevards, and magnificent architecture of Paris. The Haussman collection of men's watches pays homage to the legacy of the baron who gave the French capital its large boulevards and parks and turned the city of Paris into a capital suitable for an Emperor.

The Collection

The Haussman collection is a perfect distillation of the style and design ethos of Saint Honore. The graceful geometries of the watch and the emphasis on technical details, including a monogrammed crown, instantly capture the eye. The Orsay collection of ladies' watches feature elegant mother of pearl dials, applied numerals, and a contoured watch case for a look that is both playful and stylish. The gentle arc of the lugs and carefully considered dials of the timepieces in the Coloseo collection make it a perfect choice for the most sophisticated dinner parties.

A Legacy of Excellence

Saint Honore is decidedly French in character and style, but nevertheless bears the stamp "Swiss Made." The Frésard family knew that to produce watches true to the family legacy of watchmaking excellence, they would need to use the skills and expertise of the finest Swiss watchmakers. For this reason, Saint Honore is able to produce watches that feature some of the most advanced and complex complications in watchmaking. Saint Honore's products include watches with chronographs, watches for measuring laps, and GMT watches.

Moonphase watches offer a feature that tracks the phases of the moon and displays them in a small aperture on the dial. Saint Honore also makes time-only models of the highest quality with automatic movements.

The Ambassadors

Saint Honore has attracted legends such as veteran Formula One and 24 Hours of Le Mans legend Paul Belmondo, who inspired a number of watches in the Black Racing and Magnum editions of the Haussman collection. Other brand ambassadors include actress Kiera Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, and Prince Rainier II of Monaco, who was said to be a great fan of Saint Honore's fine watches.