Roberto Cavalli Watches

Roberto Cavalli Watches

Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli launched his first collection in the 1970s, and his designs established a reputation for innovation and proved to be an instant hit with critics and the public. Nearly 50 years later, his namesake brand continues to create high fashion of striking elegance.

Roberto Cavalli watches showcase the best in Italian design. Exquisitely engraved bracelet watches are works of art in themselves. Stainless steel and two-tone designs provide a versatile and elegant look. They are equally fitting for the demands of an office environment as they are at late-night cocktails. Backed by Swiss know-how, Roberto Cavalli watches are unmatched in style and performance.

A Visionary

The young Roberto Cavalli was a restless art student, who saw the stagnant world of fashion as being out of touch with the youth of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Technically gifted and passionate about color, he developed new ways of printing on textiles and leather that would leave an indelible mark on fashion design. His clothes brought to life a world of colors and fantastical bold prints never before seen on fabric. These innovations represented the spirit of a new era, moving clothes away from the world of post-war conformity and turning them into a colorful, shimmering moving canvas that served as a powerful means of self-expression.

The Design Philosophy

Cavalli famously stated that "beauty is not enough." This design philosophy has manifested itself in creations that are not only beautiful but also striking in their elegance and powerful in their presence. Roberto Cavalli clothes exude confidence and are known for their sensuality and style. This ethos shines through in Roberto Cavalli's watch collection. For example, it can be found in the snake-like ouroboros symbol on some models, signifying the cyclical nature of time. That is just one of many examples of the unique style of these timepieces.

Marks of Individuality

Innovation and individuality lie at the heart of the Italian-based fashion house. This philosophy comes to life in its exciting range of watches, where the attention to detail and exceptional styling sets the pieces apart. Innovative materials use elevates these watches to high fashion status. For example, animal print and fish scale motifs decorate the face on stainless steel watches for a truly unique look. Meanwhile, intricate engravings turn bracelet watches into exceptional pieces of art. Unafraid and decidedly elegant, a Roberto Cavalli watch remains true to the principles of individuality that first set the Italian fashion house in a league of its own.

Swiss Quality, Italian Style

Bold designs like textured bezels, oversized movable crowns, mother-of-pearl dials, and bold geometric designs are just some of the signature elements of a watch collection that is unmistakably Roberto Cavalli.

In creating these watches Roberto Cavalli collaborated with luxury watchmaker Franck Muller. The result combines the watchmaking know-how of the famous Swiss atelier, with the artistic design prowess of Roberto Cavalli for timepieces of exceptional quality and distinctive appearance. These elegant timepieces pop with striking two-tone colors, contrasting lustrous gold contrasts with cool silver, for a particularly sophisticated look.