Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe has been handcrafting timepieces according to time-honored traditions of Genevan horology since 1839. One of the world's oldest watchmakers, the prestigious brand has built a devoted list of patrons that include some of the world’s most influential figures. Each watch has a jewel-like finish, achieved entirely by hand. This makes these pieces ideal for collectors and those with a true passion for the history of watchmaking.

The variety of exclusive styles combined with exceptional attention to detail ensures that Patek Philippe pieces will continue to inspire for generations. The luxurious, ornate collections include perpetual calendars and chronographs. A Calatrava is perfect if you're looking for a timeless gift, while the Art Deco-inspired Gondolo line is so extravagant it's on display at the Patek Philippe Museum.

Setting the Standard

It was clear from the inception of the Patek Philippe brand in 1839 that founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek had a passion for time. In 1868 the company created the first Swiss wristwatch, made especially for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. Continuing in the spirit of ingenuity, Patek Philippe went on to accomplish several impressive achievements including patents for the first double chronograph, the first wristwatch with perpetual calendar, and the first all-electronic clock.

Hand-crafted to Perfection

Every Patek Philippe watch is meticulously handcrafted by specialists who have preserved the art of Haute Horlogerie over many generations, making each timepiece truly exceptional. One of the riskiest of these rare handcrafts is enameling, which is the difficult process of fusing powdered glass to decorate cases and dials. Ultra-high temperatures and great skill are required to perfect this technique, but when the process is finalized the results are astounding. Another precise craft utilized by Patek Philippe is the ancient hand-guilloché technique. By carefully manipulating a centuries-old machine, artisans painstakingly carve tiny intricate patterns into the dial face that are only a few tenths of a millimeter thick. Very few true hand-guilloché artisans exist today, but this ancient practice is preserved in the workshops at Patek Philippe.

The Ultimate in Luxury

The selection of Patek Philippe timepieces is the epitome of high-end luxury. Bringing together all of the brand’s "form" watches, the luxurious Gondolo collection features signature pillow-shaped cases with Art Deco design influences. The Calatrava and Complicated lines, with 24-hour moon phase dials and alligator leather straps, combine style and function for a dressy look that can be worn during the day or at a special evening event. With intricate details like perpetual calendars and minute-repeaters, the Grand Compilations range is ideal for collectors and those who appreciate optimum precision.

A Lasting Impression

From CEOs and entrepreneurs to collectors and connoisseurs, Patek Philippe timepieces are worn by those who enjoy the finer things. With the company’s attention to detail and devotion to the time-honored craft, every Patek Philippe watch is of the highest standard of quality with unique designs that add style and luxury to any occasion.