Oris Watches

Oris Watches

Oris is known for making Swiss mechanical watches to the highest standards of reliability, precision, and craftsmanship. To this day, Oris remains devoted to its goal of producing finely crafted mechanical timepieces with wide appeal and utility.

When it comes to watchmaking, Oris stands out as an established brand that has been perfecting its craft for more than 100 years. This history makes iconic pieces like the Artelier a classic choice supported by years of success. Chronoris watches are also a solid option with a chronograph feature and exclusive limited edition watches like the Carlos Coste Cenote series are a nod to Oris's partnerships with various sporting and arts organizations.

Promising Beginnings

Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris in 1904 in the Swiss town of Hölstein. The partners purchased the Lohner & Co. watch factory, which had just closed. They adopted the name of a nearby brook called ‘Oris’ for their new watch company. Oris quickly made a name for itself and became an employer of choice for watchmakers. In 1925 Oris established its own electroplating factory in Herbetswil. It was then that Oris began fashioning bracelet buckles for their pocket watches, transforming them into wristwatches. By 1929, they had built six factories in Switzerland. 

Fortunes shifted during World War II, so Oris pivoted to also manufacture alarm clocks. In 1945, Oris received an award from the Bureau Officiel de Contrôle de la Marche des Montres in Le Locle after demonstrating that a pin-lever movement could be as accurate as a lever escapement. Finally, in 1952, Oris launched its very own automatic watch, powered by the highly accurate Calibre 601 and featuring a power reserve indicator. Only a decade later, Oris was one of the largest watch companies in the world.

Into the Deep

By 1965, Oris began its expansion into the world of diving watches by launching its first state-of-the-art watch to feature a unidirectional rotating bezel. The watch featured a timer scale, water-resistance up to 100 meters, bold, luminescent numerals. In 1967, Oris released its first chronometer, the Oris Calibre 652. For this, the Observatoire Astronomique et Chronométrique awarded Oris its first full chronometer certification, which is the highest distinction for accuracy.

Endless Innovation and Quality

By 1970, Oris launched the Chronoris, its first chronograph. The Chronoris is now an iconic timepiece, and it was the first model in the brand’s motorsport collection. After a brief foray into quartz technology, Oris reaffirmed its commitment to producing only mechanical watches in 1984 and has enjoyed popularity among buyers looking for a hard-working yet refined timepiece.

Expanding Horizons

Oris only continued to expand its horizons, venturing into partnerships to create durable timepieces for pilots, Formula 1 racers, and professional divers. This is best exemplified in some of Oris’ iconic timepieces such as the Oris TT1, the patented Aquis Depth Gauge, and the Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series. Oris has also expanded its interests to include the arts, culture, and the environment. The brand continues to produce classic pieces such as the watches of the Artelier collection and promises to continue making history in the years to come, embracing a connection to other industries along the way.