Orient Watches

Orient Watches

Orient is one of the few watch companies to manufacture mechanical movements in-house. This Japanese watch brand owned by Seiko Epson is primarily devoted to making mechanical watches, but they also produce quartz, radio-controlled, and light-powered (solar) timepieces.

Orient prides itself on creating distinctive timepieces that are long-lasting and beautifully crafted. Accessible prices have also made it a popular choice among people who demand practicality, durability, and high-level precision. Orient’s commitment to high standards and mechanical watch technology is embodied in timepieces such as the Bambino, Open Heart and Ray models, available at Jomashop.

A Story of Resilience

The Orient Watch company traces its beginnings to a wholesale store called Yoshida Watch Shop, which was established in 1901 by Shogoro Yoshida. This shop, with locations in Uenoa and Taito, Tokyo, Japan initially found success as a seller of imported pocket watches. By 1912, Yoshida expanded his business with a foray into wristwatch case production. He then established Toyo Tokei Manufacturing in 1920, which produced original table clocks and gauges. It then also started manufacturing wristwatches in 1934. By 1936, the company had built another factory in Hino, Tokyo, Japan and continued to flourish until they had to stop operations in 1949 during the aftermath of World War II.

In 1950, Yoshida revived his wristwatch-making business by establishing the Tama Keiki Company in his Hino factory. The following year, the name of Tama Keiki Co. was changed to Orient Watch Company, Limited. That same year, the very first Orient Star watch was released. After the successful release of the first Orient wristwatch, the brand began to increase its visibility overseas and continues to produce high-quality timepieces to this day.

Precision Technology

At the core of Orient watches lies the genius of Japanese precision technology. Orient remains at the forefront of mechanical watch production through its in-house manufacturing of mechanical movements, which allows it to ensure high levels of quality in all of the watches it produces, such as the Power Reserve and the all-time classic Orient Star.

Quality and Versatility

Orient watches are popular not only for their exceptional durability, but also for creating designs for all sorts of wearers. The release of the Orient Crystal (later renamed the Orient AAA), an automatic watch created in the 1970s, helped the brand gain popularity. Orient received attention from active buyers with the release of a high-quality diving watch, the Orient Mako. Through the years, Orient has remained committed to its mission of providing accessible mechanical timepieces for everyday use.

Tradition and Revolution

Orient is committed to upholding the highest standards in watchmaking, while also focusing on continuous product development and adapting to changing technology. As modern life speeds up, Orient continues to ride the tide of innovation steadily. The brand's ultimate aim is to remain relevant by producing finely crafted timepieces that can not only withstand the elements but also the test of time.