Montblanc Watches

Monblanc Watches

Montblanc is a worldwide brand recognized for timeless design and an elevated aesthetic. The brand took its high standards in the creation of luxury pens and applied them to these timepieces, which deliver heritage style with modern precision. Thanks to the watches' Swiss-made movements, they are popular with collectors who want pieces that will stand the test of time. The manufacturers in Villeret and Le Locle meticulously perform micro-mechanical refinements by hand to ensure the highest standards for Montblanc’s discerning clientele.

Montblanc watches combine Swiss-made movements, traditional craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology. The Timewalker pays homage to the spirit of motor racing, while the Montblanc Chronometrie collection features sleek, ultra-slim designs. Nicolas Rieussec-inspired pieces are the perfect gift for those interested in the history of chronographs. Montblanc offers timeless styles for both collectors and those simply looking to elevate their look.

The Birth of a Legacy

When banker Alfred Nehemias and engineer August Eberstein founded Montblanc in Germany in 1906, they revolutionized the art of handwriting with luxury pen collections. Continuing the creation of high-end accessories, Montblanc expanded into watches in 1997 and presented its pieces at the prestigious Salon International de Haute Horlogerie in Geneva to great acclaim. The Meisterstuck watch, named after the brand’s most iconic pen, soon became one of Montblanc’s signature designs. Since then, the company has gained a reputation for heritage timepieces. To this day, Montblanc continues to produce timeless watches, using traditional craftsmanship to create pieces to be passed down for generations.

Unrivaled Quality

Montblanc watches are manufactured 1,000 meters above sea level in a picturesque art nouveau villa. The team implements a comprehensive testing program to guarantee all Montblanc watches meet the highest standards of quality before they leave the premises. Dedicated artisans take up to 300 hours to handcraft each watch—not even the slightest defect escapes their trained gaze, making the pieces the epitome of excellence.  Montblanc uses only the finest Italian calfskin, deerskin, lambskin or southern German cowhide to make its straps. These markers of quality, along with the iconic Montblanc star, a six-pointed snow cap symbol, make the designs instantly recognizable.

Heritage Collections

This selection of watches includes the Montblanc Chronometrie collection, which combines ultra-fine and automatic timepieces with Nicolas Rieussec styles. Named after the creator of the chronograph, these designs feature an off-centered dial at the top of the face for a unique look. Wearers can also capture the spirit of racing with the Timewalker series, which combines functionality with precision and features a Minerva arrow. From luxury timepieces for special occasions to silver-tone watches that honor tradition, each of these wristwatches is a unique treasure.

Modern Heirlooms

Montblanc styles are ideal for those who respect artisanal attention to detail, including collectors interested in heritage craftsmanship and first-time watch buyers. With automatic timepieces for everyday wear and intricately-detailed watches that must be manually wound, Montblanc consistently gives customers pieces inspired by a tradition that continues to impress. To this day, the brand creates the finest pieces and most innovative calibers that Swiss watchmaking can deliver.