Mathey-tissot Watches

Mathey-Tissot Watches

The Mathey-Tissot brand blends a rich history with a bold, innovative approach. Although the company is now a global brand, it still holds true to the values typically associated with smaller organizations—a focus on integrity, high-quality pieces, and customer satisfaction.

Mathey-Tissot is best known for producing supremely accurate timepieces. The watches in its Edmond line are famed for their chunky numerals and moon phase trackers. Thick bezels dominate vintage designs, with high-quality materials that include rich leather straps and stainless steel bracelets. Black and white shades dominate the Mathey-Tissot range, with flashes of hunter green and deep blues. Look for the iconic Mathey-Tissot signature on the dial and strong logo on the watch’s crown and back.

Accurate Watches, a Lasting Legacy

Edmond Mathey-Tissot founded the Mathey-Tissot company in 1886 in Les Ponts de Martel, Switzerland. Mathey-Tissot made a name for himself by specializing in repeater pocket watches. These are timepieces that chime on the hour, quarter-hour, or minute. Soon, Mathey-Tissot started also producing exquisite chronographs that won a variety of awards due to their extreme precision and high quality.

Challenging Times and New Opportunities

The Mathey-Tissot brand was fully established a few years later in 1890, when the Boer War took place. One notable individual from Scotland ordered 2,500 watches for his son’s regimen. He gave gold repeater watches to the officers and silver models to the lower ranks. That was worth a hefty sum in those days and cemented Mathey-Tissot as one of the best horological forces in the world. History repeated itself in 1945 during World War II, when Mathey-Tissot created thousands of watches for the United States Army and the British Navy.

Nostalgic References Meet Contemporary Flourishes

A popular watch style in the Mathey-Tissot collection is the Edmond line. Chunky Roman numerals on the watch face complement counters that track the date, day of the week, month, and even the moon phase. Other features, such as thick bezels, can be found on the Rolly vintage styles - a limited-edition piece that can make for a thoughtful gift.

Mathey-Tissot watches also feature high-quality materials, including stainless steel bracelets and tactile leather straps. Gold and silver-tone metal create a classic, refined look. Further flair comes from a monochrome color palette combined with masculine hues like navy blue and billiard green. Functional details include scratch-resistant mineral crystal and water resistance of up to 100 meters. For ultimate accuracy in low lighting, choose a sports-inspired design with luminescent hands. No matter the style or features, look for the Mathey-Tissot signature in a swirling font on the dial.

Timepieces Brimming With Cosmopolitan Charm

Mathey-Tissot designer watches are collector's items with lasting appeal. The casual and dress watches in the selection have durability in mind, featuring automatic and hand-wound watch types and the Mathey-Tissot logo.  These are versatile watches crafted for an urban environment, taking the wearer from the early morning and into the late evening, without ever compromising on style. These everyday pieces are accessible, while still retaining a refined look.