Longines Watches

Longines Watches

Longines has earned a reputation for exceptional function and style since 1832. Their motto is "elegance is an attitude," and this philosophy is reflected in their pieces. Each model is crafted to the highest standards of quality, with exclusive Swiss movements. 

Intricate moon phase and chronograph features make the Master collection a natural choice for sporting events, while the Hydroconquest line promises unparalleled performance in and out of the water. Italian-inspired design and a two-tone bracelet strap make the Dolce Vita a superb gift choice. The brand continues to lead the way by combining elegant design with superior accuracy, making it the perfect choice for collectors with affinity for sporty luxury, as well as those just looking for the perfect gift. 

Masters of Accuracy

Founded by Auguste Agassiz, Longines has focused on accuracy and the highest quality production since 1832. In 1878, Longines introduced its first chronograph, the 20H, which was so accurate it could be used for competitive sporting events. In 1912, Longines created an electromechanical timing system for the Federal Gymnastics Festival in Basel. In 1933, Longines was named Official Timekeeper for the Fédération Internationale de Ski, the world's highest-ranking governing body for international winter sports. Over the years, Longines has held the title of official timekeeper for a variety of prestigious sporting events including Formula One racing, the French Open and the Fédération Equestre Internationale.

Plotting the Course

Innovation in aviation is a key piece of the Longines brand story. In 1931, explorer Charles Lindbergh designed a watch in partnership with Longines that made navigation easier for pilots. The watch, known as the Lindbergh Hour Angle, is still in production today. Longines continues its legacy of precision instrumentation, bringing high performance as well as a luxurious aesthetic to watch enthusiasts across the globe.

High-performance collections

The wide variety of Longines women’s and men’s watches includes the Master Collection, with chronograph and moon phase features acclaimed for their precision, as well as the Hydroconquest ranges, which are ideal for divers and water-resistant up to 1000 feet. The Dolce Vita line offers stylish Italian-inspired designs. Other collections, such as the Flagship and Heritage lines, are expressions of the classic beauty of the Longlines brand, featuring exquisite craftsmanship and scratch-resistant sapphire dials.

The Journey Continues

Those who appreciate high-performance precision—like sports enthusiasts, travelers, aviators and world champions—can find it in Longines timepieces. The company’s dedication to its heritage is apparent in every aspect of production. Longines has meticulously recorded all serial numbers since 1867, which allows the company to give every watch owner access to unique information about how his or her timepiece was made. This service not only guarantees authenticity, but also offers enthusiasts and collectors a distinctive insight into what is surely one of their most treasured possessions.