Invicta Watches

Invicta Watches

Invicta’s ethos is simple: meticulously crafted, high-quality watches should be available at reasonable prices. The Swiss brand has built a reputation as a nonconformist, innovative leader in the watchmaking industry. Its watches are defined by their quality, value and technical capability. That reputation was built in large part on its technical mastery of case construction, which has set a high standard across the entire industry. 

Invicta offers expertly engineered watches for both collectors and casual buyers. It offers more than 30 watch collections, all featuring skillful construction and ingenious engineering alongside singular aesthetics. For instance, the Lupah line’s characteristic over-sized cases and colorful straps highlight Invicta’s unconventional attitude, while the brand’s timeless Reserve collection is ideal for the refined connoisseur. The variations in function, style, and price point mean that there’s something for everyone in this diverse selection.

The Philosophy Behind the Brand

Invicta was founded in 1837 in Switzerland and was named after the Latin word for "invincible." After undergoing a thorough re-branding in the 1990s, the company spent the next two decades focused on creating an over-sized watch with the perfect fit. The result: the iconic Lupah line. With its patented oversize case, colorful straps, rounded crystal and distinctive dials, the unisex Lupah watch is symbolic of Invicta’s fearlessly unconventional approach to watchmaking. Today Invicta offers a broad range of collections and is one of the fastest-growing companies to offer the Swiss style of watchmaking at such competitive prices.

Technical Finesse

Invicta’s mastery of case complications and construction is globally renowned and central to the brand’s identity as a watchmaking pioneer. Invicta uses the same high-quality materials as more expensive brands - like anti-reflective sapphire crystals - with enhanced complications and a unique gold layering technique. The Pro Diver series is an example of engineering excellence with its premium construction, high water resistance and jeweled automatic movements. All these factors combine to make it a favorite among collectors.

Collections With Character

With more than 30 collections to choose from, Invicta offers something for any buyer. The brand has a dedicated collector base, with more than half of its consumers owning 10 or more Invicta models. Classic collections like Lupah and Reserve sit alongside Invicta’s fun and celebrated collaborations with franchises such as Star Wars and DC Comics. The distinguished Bolt line is ideal for those with refined but specific tastes, pairing Invicta’s signature synchronized movements and complex case engineering with a distinctive rope jewelry design.  Buyers of the Bolt line can also choose from different materials and finishes to truly make the watch their own.

Invicta presents bold designs and impeccable quality alongside revolutionary technical capability. The brand’s affordability, flawless execution and diverse styles keep it popular among horological enthusiasts, recreational collectors and casual customers alike. Invicta remains an industry trailblazer with its progressive approach to watchmaking and firm belief in creating exceptional products that are universally accessible.