Ice-watch Watches

Ice-Watch Watches

Ice-Watch is a Belgian watch producer offering contemporary designs and a minimalist aesthetic. Ice-Watch wristwatches are customizable and combine a unique sense of style with reliability that both fashion fans and collectors appreciate. The brand has built a worldwide following with a commitment to quality that is present in every wristwatch. Available in a variety of styles and color combinations, Ice-Watch wristwatch collections present a model for every occasion and any mood.

The assortment of Ice-Watch unisex wristwatches features slim-line gold-tone cases with brown leather straps alongside stainless steel cases with white dial faces. Pieces in the Ice Steel range, in two-tone and rose-gold tones, feature robust dials and reliable quartz movements and will make a treasured gift and beloved accessory.

Creating a Trend

Belgian entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Lutgen founded Ice-Watch in 2007. The founder set out to create a precise watch that was both affordable and fashion-focused. With sleek minimalist designs and silicone rubber straps in a rainbow of colors, Lutgen’s new wristwatch was refreshing and off-beat. In 2009, Lutgen debuted his first collection at the prestigious Baselworld in Switzerland to critical acclaim. By 2012, Ice-Watch had created more than 400 exclusive watch collections. It soon expanded production to include the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and the United States to meet growing demand.

In 2014, Ice-Watch sold in 130 countries in over 9,000 stores worldwide, solidifying its name and became a new favorite in the watch industry. The on-trend wristwatch became a must-have fashion accessory for celebrities including Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez. Today, Ice-Watch continues to evolve with exciting new collections and of-the-moment designs while staying true to an ethos of accessibility.

Customizable Versatility

Featuring Japanese quartz movements for quality precision, Ice-Watch wristwatches have sealed cases and are water-resistant up to 10 meters. For enhanced durability, Ice-Watch uses an exclusive collection of materials including robust polyamide rubber, leather, and stainless steel. Unique color combinations and interchangeable straps allow for a personal touch to every Ice-Watch timepiece.

Appealing Collection

Wearers of Ice-Watch unisex watches can choose from rose-gold tone cases with brown leather straps or white dial faces with black leather straps. The City Tanner series presents a modern minimalist design with elegant slim-line cases, making it a very versatile accessory. Meanwhile, the Ice-Steel range features robust stainless steel components and modern two-tone and gold-tone designs. Ice-Watch presents a range of wristwatches with a unique sense of style suitable for every circumstance. 


Exciting Designs

Ice-Watch produces a variety of unique wristwatches from modern styles to classic forms. Produced to a high standard of quality, every Ice-Watch timepiece contains quartz movements ensuring maximum precision. Both first-time buyers and collectors will cherish the accessibility and extraordinary character of every Ice-Watch design. Ice-Watch watches are an ideal gift choice for any age or an exceptional accessory for anyone seeking a fresh design.