Hublot Watches

Hublot Watches

Hublot is internationally recognized as an innovator in the watchmaking industry that has mastered the "art of fusion." The brand's models appeal to collectors and first-time buyers alike thanks to their precision, modern style, and combination of comfort and practicality. Each design features exclusive Swiss movements made within the brand's atelier to the highest standards.

Hublot watches debuted at the world-renowned Basel watch show in 1980, where it introduced rubber straps for comfort and practicality. The brand continues to lead the way in Swiss watchmaking by combining traditional movements with innovative materials. Choose from the iconic Classic Fusion, King Power, and Big Bang collections, all of which are expertly crafted and scratch-resistant. Whether it's a classic chronograph or a diamond-encrusted creation, each Hublot timepiece is the perfect combination of function and style.

A heritage of innovation

When Carlo Crocco unveiled his rubber strap watches at the 1980 international watch show in Basel, Switzerland, he shook the industry because the material had never before been used in this way. Its softness and durability, as well as the fact that it was water-resistant, made it an ideal choice for a watch strap. Crocco attached them to porthole-shaped cases, and Hublot, or "porthole" in French, was born. The brand has since created a legacy of cutting-edge timepieces, with its trademark traditional handwork combined with the latest fabrication techniques. To this day, Hublot continues to lead the way in watchmaking technology, bringing superior craftsmanship to luxury watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Revolutionary designs

The brand’s dedicated metallurgy and materials lab works closely with its research and development department to create breakthrough compartments for everything from movements to cases. One of several materials unique to Hublot is Magic Gold, the world’s first and only 18-karat scratch-proof gold alloy that provides unrivaled durability. Hublot also has a patented process for producing brightly colored ceramic casings and a world-record-breaking power reserve of 50 days. Because of these specialist components, it needs more than 10 people across all fields to design and develop a bespoke Hublot movement from start to finish.

Striking collections with bold character

Jomashop’s varied range of men’s and women’s Hublot timepieces includes the sporty chronograph models created in collaboration with luxury racing brands, as well as the beloved Big Bang collection, which are ideal for those with an active lifestyle thanks to their water resistance and 10-day power reserve. The King Power’s luminous hands are designed for nighttime activities, while the Classic Fusion line handily displays the date at the three o’clock position. Other ranges, like the Spirit of Big Bang and the MP collection, sit alongside Hublot's novelties, which contain brand-exclusive materials, including Hublonium, King Gold, and osmium. A variety of colorways are available, as are limited-edition diamond-encrusted versions of iconic styles.

A superb luxury watch

From watch enthusiasts fascinated with the latest technology to those looking for unique timepieces they can’t find anywhere else, Hublot watches are worn by those who look to the future. Whether introducing groundbreaking features such as the flyback chronograph or extending battery reserve beyond what was previously thought possible, these designs are revolutionary in their construction. Hublot continues to use patented materials to produce its movements and remains loyal to its ethos: the "art of fusion."