Heritor Watches

Heritor makes luxury watches for a fashion-forward clientele that appreciates unique design and features. The collection offers a wide assortment of eye-catching designs, as well as a robust range of features that ensure the watch is as functional as it is visual. For instance, every Heritor timepiece features a jeweled automatic movement that allows the watch to wind itself using energy generated from the wearer's natural movements.

Heritor watches are each crafted from robust stainless steel, ensuring the intricate workings of the automatic movements stay protected against impact. Skeleton dials and observation case backs on many Heritor timepieces offer an avenue to examine the intricate movement of every watch. A variety of complications, such as calendar dials, 24-hour sub-dials, and elegant moon phase dials add elegance and sophistication while guaranteeing the functionality of each timepiece.

Unique Design

Heritor automatic watches come in an astounding array of eye-catching designs, featuring truly unique details. For instance, Heritor’s Ganzi Collection features a surgical-grade stainless steel case with a unique band lug design. The round dial has a pleasant symmetry, with a dual window date display nestled between two identically sized sub-dials that indicate the month and day of the week. The lower third of the dial reveals a striking skeleton window that allows the wearer to admire the intricacies of the movement.

Meanwhile, the ridged bezel is the first detail that catches the eye when looking at the Hoyt Collection of timepieces. Instead of having a minute hand, the dial includes minute gradations between the hour markings. Hoyt Collection timepieces, therefore, require only an hour hand, giving the watch face a uniquely uncluttered look.

Eye-catching Skeleton Windows

Many Heritor automatic watches feature a skeleton window or skeleton dial. Heritor also prides itself on the quality of its jeweled automatic movements, which are not only functional but fascinating to examine. Watches in Heritor’s Winthrop Collection feature both a skeleton dial and an observation window in the back of the case so that the jeweled automatic movement is visible from multiple angles. Both hours and seconds are displayed in off-center sub-dials that echo the size and shape of gears in the movement itself.

The movement is also the focal point of Ryder Collection timepieces, which similarly feature both a skeleton dial and an observation case back. Subtle hour markings and the absence of additional sub-dials or other features ensure the movement shines through as the star the Ryder Collection.

Functional Sub-dials

Functional sub-dials abound on the faces of Heritor timepieces. The Sebastian Collection features a calendar sub-dial for the date, as well as an elegant 24-hour sub-dial that indicates the shift from day to night with an evocative gold-tone rendering of the sun and moon. Alexander collection timepieces have a dual-time sub-dial, allowing the wearer to monitor two time zones simultaneously. Watches from the Kingsley range feature four separate sub-dials without feeling cluttered. The dial of a Kingsley watch can simultaneously indicate the date, day of the week, month, and moon phase.

Elegant Details

Heritor watches are crafted from robust medical-grade stainless steel in a variety of elegant finishes, including yellow gold and rose gold tones. Heritor watch straps are made from rich, high-quality leather. Bracelet band watches offer a variety of sophisticated options, including traditional link bracelets as well as striking mesh options.