Hamilton Watches

Hamilton Watches

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1892, Hamilton grew along with the needs of America's infrastructure and military, first facilitating accurate scheduling on the growing railroads, and then supplying watches to keep the fledgling airmail system running on time. Over the years, Hamilton went on to develop important relationships with the American military and the American film industry. 

Hamilton supplied timepieces to servicemen and pioneering aviators throughout the 20th Century, developing the Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy, and Khaki Field lines to meet their needs. Hamilton's Ventura line became a favorite in Hollywood, gracing the silver screen in over 450 films. Now part of Swatch, Hamilton's watches are a blend of American spirit and Swiss precision.

Military-inspired Aesthetics and Function

Three of Hamilton’s signature collections—the Khaki Aviation, the Khaki Navy, and the Khaki Field—were inspired by its collaboration with the military. Hamilton supplied watches to the U.S. armed forces during both World Wars. Its commitment to precision and accuracy was crucial to successful navigation by air and sea. Over a century of partnership with the military, Hamilton has used feedback from service members to perfect its timepieces, ensuring that modern buyers enjoy a functional, rugged, and durable product that meets the military’s rigorous quality standards.

History of Flight

Hamilton watches grew alongside American aviation. In addition to Hamilton’s cooperation with military airmen, the company has often supplied pioneering aviators with timepieces necessary to push the boundaries of flight. Today, Hamilton is the official timekeeper and partner of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, in which pilots race through an obstacle course at top speed, requiring extremely precise timing. Aviation aficionados will appreciate the pedigree and capabilities of Hamilton’s automatic Khaki Aviation line. Khaki Aviation features include aviation measurements on the rim, multiple sub-dials, and built-in chronographs. Khaki X-Wind watches also feature crosswind markings around the outer rim.

Watches for the Stars

Hamilton has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with Hollywood. The distinctive Ventura line, the first battery-powered watch that features a unique triangular watch face, shot to popularity after icon Elvis Presley sported one in the movie _Blue Hawaii. _Since then, Hamilton’s watches have graced the screen in over 450 films. Modern Ventura watches retain the vintage aesthetic of the watch popularized by The King and remain instantly recognizable as Hamilton originals.

Watches for all Occasions

When the occasion calls for understated, classic elegance, Hamilton’s Jazzmaster collection is the answer. The classic round face and slim profile of Jazzmaster Thinline watches make these timepieces an elegant choice for any occasion. For a subtle but fascinating infusion of character, Open Heart Jazzmaster watches feature a window into the movement of each watch, giving the wearer a glimpse of the Swiss precision at the heart of every Hamilton.