Furla Watches

Furla Watches

Italian luxury goods atelier Furla has created high-quality handbags and shoes for almost 100 years. The company's range of watches also showcases the expertise of the famous brand.

Furla watches stand out thanks to their bold designs and fun sensibility. They are rich in details and features, with timepieces to match any unique energy and style. Textured bezels, intricate dials, and a high-quality Japanese movement put Furla watches into a class of their own. Discover their innovative style with elegant bracelet watches, colorful leather styles, or versatile casual pieces with interchangeable bezels.

Time-honored Craftsmanship

Family patriarch Aldo Furlanetto established Furla in his native Bologna, Italy in 1927. Furlanetto's vision and determination helped the brand build a reputation around the world for producing the very best in luxury. As well as being a visionary, Furlanetto was also a family man, and it was not long until his children Carlo, Paolo, and Giovanna started to help their father run the growing company. It was his children's fresh vision that inspired the very first Furla handbags. Aldo Furlanetto's descendants still run the company today and, under their custodianship, Furla has expanded to start manufacturing watches of commensurate style.

Italian Essence

While the company had grown steadily ever since its founding, it was the second generation of the Furlanetto family that made Furla famous worldwide. The young generation had grown up surrounded by luxury and leather and dreamed of making handbags of uncompromising quality. The first collection launched in the 1970s and set Furla handbags in a class of their own.

Furla selects only the finest materials, employs trained artisans, and uses contemporary designs. This dedication to luxury is now brought to life in a range of daring new women's watches. Fashionable and fun, these watches combine the opulence of traditional Italian style with a vivacious, modern sensibility. They are available in a range of styles, including rose gold watches, striking two-tone timepieces, and sleek steel bracelet watches. With all the options available, you are sure to find a Furla watch that suits your style and personality.

Uncompromisingly Feminine

In contrast to other watchmakers, Furla only designs watches for women. That means Furla watches are decidedly feminine and practical at the same time, just the way the modern woman wants their accessories to be. Watches from the Furla Club collection, for instance, feature interchangeable bezels for a flexible piece that can adapt to any look. Furla's leatherworking expertise shines in a number of its watches. Furla watches use only the finest calfskin in its straps for a durable yet elegant style.

The Collection

Furla timepieces are stylish and fashionable, yet built without compromise. At the heart of each watch lies a high-quality Japanese quartz movement, a feature that can be found across the entire range. These movements are lightweight and provide extremely accurate timekeeping. Models such as the Giada, with its large dial and minimalist design, offer timeless elegance and style. Meanwhile, the Furla Metropolis collection, with its bold, funky dials and pop-inspired styling, bursts with character. The Furla Metropolis is available in both soft calfskin straps and sporty steel bracelets, making it an iconic and versatile watch.