Edox Watches

Edox Watches

An icon of Swiss engineering, Edox combines sophisticated design with flawless workmanship in every watch. Edox's master craftsmen possess proprietary know-how passed down over generations. Their relentless pursuit of perfection creates a consistently superior product. Indeed, every Edox watch features industry-leading technology and is of unrivaled quality.

Edox watches are industry standard-bearers of elegance and functionality. The company designs visually stunning watches that push the boundaries of style. Using the finest gold, leather, and stainless steel, Edox’s master craftsmen deliver unmatched style, quality, and performance. Discover the watch that will rise to any occasion.

A History of Excellence

Edox was born out of love. In 1884, Swiss watchmaker Christian Ruefli-Flury made a pocket watch for his beloved wife, Pauline. Impressed by the gift, Pauline convinced her husband to open his own shop. He called it "Edox," Greek for "measuring of time." Edox has since become one of Switzerland's leading watchmakers, distinguished by its master craftsmen, cutting-edge technology, and innovative designs.

Over its 125-year history, Edox has made industry breakthroughs in the areas of water and scratch resistance. Edox's reputation for technological excellence earned it the distinguished role of official timekeeper of the Dakar Rally, the Extreme Sailing Series, and the World Curling Federation. A recent partnership with car manufacturer Koenigsegg has further broadened the company's reputation for innovation.

A Watch for Any Occasion

Edox combines market-leading technology, proprietary know-how, and access to the highest quality raw materials to create a diverse range of high-end timepieces. An Edox watch is like a luxury sports car: it is a visual masterpiece that performs at the highest level. The stainless steel-enforced chronograph with sapphire crowning and water resistance to 300 meters is well suited to daytime adventures. Want to dress up? Select a watch with a golden bezel and black leather band, features that exude elegance and sophistication. Featuring an effortless combination of style and functionality, Edox watches thrive in any setting.

Elite Craftsmanship

Edox's manufacturing plant is in the heart of the Swiss Jura, an area known for its unparalleled watchmaking. Here, in the quaint hamlet of Les Genevez, Edox's elite group of master craftsmen assembles the finest timepieces in Switzerland. Each Edox watchmaker hones his or her craft within an ancient, time-honored tradition passed down from master to apprentice over many years. These expert craftspersons construct each watch from the finest materials, including gold, sapphire, stainless steel, and handcrafted leather.

Elegant Functionality

Edox creates precision-engineered timepieces that are equal parts stylish and functional. Built by master craftsmen in the heart of Switzerland, these watches are made to wear in any situation and with an eye to quality that will ensure they stand the test of time. Whether you are diving to the depths of the seven seas, playing a weekend golf match with friends, or attending a black-tie gala, Edox promises to rise to the occasion.