Dior Watches

Dior Watches

Dior is a name synonymous with high-quality goods and haute couture. The brand first made waves with its refined clothing collection, later moving on to also create exquisite accessories, alluring perfume, and designer watches. Each Dior chronograph captures the enchanting Parisian aesthetic using elegant details and luxurious materials. Art Deco themes also feature strongly in Dior’s designs, which have uncomplicated dials and clear, clean displays.

The elegance of a Dior watch is captured with diamond-studded dials, mother of pearl accents and dainty metal bracelets. The Dior women’s watches range includes the iconic Christal style, which held Dior’s first Tourbillon caliber. A prime example is the Dior VIII ladies watch featuring a chunky bezel, accurate movement, and alluring shape.

Swiss Watches Made the Dior Way

Christian Dior founded the Dior company in 1946, but it was not until 1975 that Dior began to create its first watches. Dior was one of the first high-fashion labels to take an interest in horology, demonstrating its pioneering spirit and market-leading approach. In 2001, Dior opened its official watchmaking workshop in Le Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. This allowed Dior to develop its own manufacturing and development techniques to create timepieces with immense precision. In 2008, Dior launched its first Tourbillon caliber with the refined Dior Christal collection. These watches, designed by couturier Jean Galliano, feature a bold take on sapphire crystal. Instead of using this material in the watch face, the scratch-resistant crystal features in the bezel inlay and the watch's pyramids.

Stylish Swiss Timepieces

The most famous Swiss watches from Dior are in its collection of women’s watches. The Dior VIII line celebrates Christian Dior's October 8, 1946 couture house launch. The design has a chunky bezel and diamond and ceramic embellishments. In 2011, Dior released the Dior Inversé caliber, which includes a functional swinging rotor above the dial. Placing the rotor at the front of the watch's movement, rather than the back, leads to a more aesthetically pleasing watch face.

Charming Accents

Dior’s men’s and ladies' watch ranges feature mother of pearl accents, metal bracelets, and minimalist dials marked with the brand’s signature. A versatile color palette leans towards bold monochrome shades and pastel hues, adding further allure. Dior combines scratch-resistant crystal faces with stainless steel composition for added durability. Many watches feature precious stones, such as sapphires and diamonds, with an added glimmer of gold.

Timeless Style Meets Mechanical Prowess

Grace is the defining characteristic of each luxury timepiece from Dior. Taking cues from Christian Dior’s clothing pieces, each women’s watch conveys a sense of elegant empowerment. Rarely oversized and perfectly compact, there is a delicate strength underpinning each chronograph. These watches are instant collector’s items, with a classic style that remains forever on trend. Made with quality materials and a strict attention to detail, all Dior watches are true works of art that are built to last for years to come.