Diesel Watches

Diesel Watches

Diesel’s watches capture true Italian flair and charisma. Clean lines meet extravagant flourishes to create timepieces that are bold and impactful. Meanwhile, daring chronograph designs sit alongside sophisticated minimal looks. There are also sports-inspired designs in the collection, with added features that enable the wearer to track every passing minute.

Diesel’s casual and dress timepieces feature bold colors and high-quality materials, from stainless steel to tactile leather. The pieces convey the essence of urban living and combine it with precise watchmaking technology. Oversized numerals and chunky bezels complement luminous hands for a sports-inspired aesthetic. Popular designs include the Mr. Daddy 2.0 chronograph collection, with dials featuring multiple counters to ensure optimum precision in any environment. The Mega Chief watch line includes larger shapes with features that let the wearer show up on time and in style in multiple time zones.

A Watchmaker With Incomparable Style

Clothing designer Renzo Rosso founded the Diesel brand in 1978, aiming to create the world's best denim clothing. After decades of designing clothes, Diesel began to work on its first watch prototype in 1991. As a reflection of its clothing designs, Diesel set out to create watches tailored to a younger generation of consumers. These consumers were looking for watches that were trendy and chic, with touches of urban flair. Later that year, Diesel launched its first watch to the public. Five years later, the first Diesel store opened in New York City, opening up its range of watches to a broad customer base.

Watches That Demand Attention

Diesel runs evocative and surreal advertising campaigns that celebrate the bold looks of its casual and dress watch lines. Each distinct Diesel men's watch combines high-quality materials like durable stainless steel and water-resistant silicone to make watches that will last for years to come. Eye-catching colors like electric blues, blushing pinks, and fiery oranges sit alongside conventional gunmetal grays and deep blacks. These hues complement stainless steel metal bracelets and tactile leather straps.

An Edge in Watchmaking

Experimental features and oversized numerals lend an ultra-masculine edge to the men’s watch range. The Mr. Daddy 2.0 chronograph collection is an example of Diesel's commitment to innovation. It features a highly precise chronograph movement and is water-resistant up to 30 feet. Active men will also enjoy the Mega Chief chronograph, characterized by oversized shapes. These styles keep track of time zones and are ideal for swimming or surfing with water-resistance up to 330 feet. Iridescent and luminous hands add another point of interest, while also ensuring accuracy even in dim lighting.

An Alternative Take on Classic Styles

Diesel's confident shapes, bold bezels, and futuristic accents put them on the cutting edge of today's fashion. These watches merge formal and sports themes and play with form, making them the perfect accessory for the confident dresser. Diesel timepieces are not only attractive, but also durable. Scratch-resistant mineral crystal and water-resistant features ensure the longevity of Diesel's chronographs, while gold and silver-tone metals give them a character that never goes out of style.