Corum Watches

Corum Watches

Corum has tradition on its side. In 1955, René Bannwart founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a prominent watchmaking town that has upheld decades of Swiss precision. That craftsmanship legacy shines through Corum’s technical features and in its commitment to Haute Horlogerie.

Functionality is an important facet of all Corum watches, while creativity, boldness, and innovative and detailed designs are the brand's foundation. The Admirals Cup line, introduced in 1960, reflects its seafaring namesake with nautical influences and attributes. The Bridges series is another pillar of the brand. The series’ flagship, the Golden Bridge, elevated timekeeping in 1980 with engraved baguette movement and a narrow, transparent crystal design.

The Backbone of the Corum Brand

Today, Corum stands on two definitive collections: the sailing-influenced Admirals Cup line and the boundary-pushing Golden Bridge series. Both of these, as well as the more recent Heritage and Bubble series, employ top-tier Swiss watchmaking standards. No series is mass-produced and no watch relies strictly on quartz movement. Instead, a team of watchmakers performs a multi-step, refined process to ensure that even the finest aspects of a timepiece’s movement are exact.

Get to Know the Admiral Series

The boundless possibilities of sailing— and the to-the-millisecond timekeeping needed to win a race—are at the heart of the Admiral's Cup line. The series is named after the demanding ocean race that was first held in 1957 and was known as the unofficial world championship of offshore racing. The first model featured a square face and bezel, with a sailboard graphic engraved on the back. Prominent competitive sailors such as Loïck Peyron and Ben Ainslie continue to use Corum's Admiral's Cup watches.

Expanding the Admiral Line

In 1983, the Admiral's Cup emerged with an even more pronounced nautical look. Each watch started with a twelve-sided bezel and incorporated nautical pennants that replaced the traditional hour marks. Corum gave the Admiral’s Cup another upgrade in 2006 with an even bolder contemporary appearance.

Debuting with an innovative assortment of technical features, the Corum Admiral Tides watch debuted in 1993. CORUM movement CO277 went beyond the traditional chronograph, offering information about the tides’ strength and timing, the lunar system, current strength, and water levels. The Admiral ACOne 45 Tides took this concept a step further in 2014 with even more advanced movement and features suited to 21st-century seafaring.

A year later, Corum launched the Admiral Legend 42 Flying Tourbillon to honor the company's 60th anniversary. A greater degree of transparency exposed the watch’s inner workings, and allowed for a more detailed view of its sapphire dial.

Introducing the Golden Bridge

In the early 1980s, watchmaker Vincent Calabrese had a new idea for a timepiece. In his vision, linear gear trains and ultra-fine engraved baguette movement powered a transparent, narrower design. The resulting Golden Bridge earned praise right from the start and its intertwined visuals and operations place it at the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking. Corum revived the Golden Bridge in 2005 with 21st-century style and a women’s offshoot titled Miss Golden Bridge.