Coach Watches

Coach Watches

Coach epitomizes the American free spirit, an attitude that can be found time and again in the brand’s playful, fashion-forward designs. These qualities, coupled with a tradition of high-quality craftsmanship, continue to make Coach a beloved American brand.

The Delancey and Chrystie collections from Coach are two perfect examples of this exuberant and innovative design. Options in these lines include a classic two-tone bracelet, vibrant leather straps, or a delicate bangle watch. They also feature functional elements, including chronograph, calendar, and GMT options.

An Affinity for Leather

Coach began as a family-run leather goods business in Manhattan in 1941, where its first leather artisans created billfolds and wallets by hand. Miles Cahn and his wife Lillian joined the company in 1946. The couple, who owned a leather handbag enterprise and were familiar with the intricacies of leather works, eventually took over Coach.

Miles Cahn introduced a number of innovations to Coach that quickly made it known worldwide for its quality leather goods. For instance, he noticed that the leather used in baseball gloves became softer and more supple with wear and use. In his attempt to replicate the process, Cahn devised a way of making the leather softer, more flexible, and stronger. The dye he used also gave the leather a more intense color.

A period of expansion

It was Lillian Cahn who first suggested that Coach should start producing women’s leather handbags to supplement its men's accessory business. This new business quickly took off, vastly expanding Coach's collection of leather handbags. 

The Cahn's hired Bonnie Cashin to expand not only the types of accessories, but also their design. Known for being a pioneer in sportswear, Cashin revolutionized Coach designs as its creative head. She integrated new design features such as coin purses and side pockets, as well as the use of brighter colors. Cashin also added matching footwear and accessories like key fobs, pens, and eyewear. 

Another major expansion came in 1965, when Coach hired Richard Rose to lead its marketing. Rose's skilled efforts soon made the brand a fixture in department stores around the U.S. That strong foundation allowed the brand to steadily grow through the years, even through changes in leadership and its sale to the company Sara Lee in 1985.

A Household Name

Coach partnered with Movado in 1997 to launch its first line of watches, which were designed to complement the signature Coach handbags. The fun and playful styles include braided strap watches, bangles, and two-tone bracelets. 


Fun and functional

Delicate flowers, dreamy moonscapes, and the Coach horse and buggy emblem appear in different series, conveying the Coach brand's whimsical nature. Different pieces in the collection feature different shapes, such as the delicate round faces of the Chrystie watches and the bolder, more embellished silhouette of the Coach Delancey watches. Coach enthusiasts will also appreciate details like the heart lock charms that adorn some styles.