Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches

There is a harmony to Citizen’s watches, where high-specification designs feel accessible. Its timepieces take technology seriously, building on the latest innovations and adding the brand's unique spin. Citizen also emphasizes sustainability. It sees both itself and its clientele as caretakers of the planet. As a result, the brand stands at the forefront of environmental solutions for the horology industry.

Citizen is famed for its solar-powered Eco-Drive watches. For explorers, the Promaster line is built to withstand the elements, with sports-orientated dials to mark each passing second. The Blue Angels collection pays homage to the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, an elite force that pushes the boundaries and needs a chronograph to match. Wearers can choose from rich leather and detailed stitching, stainless steel bracelets and durable clasps.

It’s all in the Details

Citizen, known for blending Swiss tradition with Japanese innovation, can trace its beginnings to 1918. It prioritizes excellence and craftsmanship to ensure that each Citizen chronograph is made to its exacting standards. Citizen is also known for partnering with pilots and explorers, thanks to its sports-oriented designs. Its Blue Angels line was made for the U.S. Navy’s elite flight demonstration squadron and is recognizable for its blue accents, while the Promaster diver’s watch is crafted to withstand the sea's intense pressures. For the ultimate in precision, Citizen's Atomic Timekeeping watches are synchronized with an atomic clock that transmits radio signals via a generating tower, allowing the wearer to read time accurately so accurately that it won't miss or gain a second in 20 million years. 

Leading by Example

“Better Starts Now” is Citizen’s motto. This is reflected in the company’s Eco-Drive watches, which use natural or artificial light to power themselves. By relying on renewable solar energy, the watch's battery rarely needs to be charged, resulting in less energy usage and landfill waste. The brand states that its rechargeable solar batteries will last at least 40 years. The company also sponsors polar explorer Eric Larsen and his efforts to discover the impacts of climate change. Naturally, Larsen wore a Citizen Promaster watch on his 2018 expeditions—after all, accurate timekeeping is a matter of survival in harsh environments.

Dynamic and Inspiring Timepieces

Stainless steel, scratch-resistant crystal and tactile alligator leather feature strongly across the Jomashop Citizen collection. Wearers can also expect to see a range of colors, from earthy masculine hues and metallic shades. Little touches, from luminescent hands to minute markers, add functionality. Classic elements in the collection include round dials and elegant numerals, while the company's sports styles feature more modern touches with an array of intricate subdials.

Citizens of the World

Citizen has partnered with organizations that reflect its values, from the RAF Red Arrows to Premiership Rugby. Athletes and explorers act as the company’s brand ambassadors, embracing its passion and appreciation for high-impact sports by creating the accessories to match. There is also an ethical aspect to Citizen, given its timepiece are designed with responsibly sourced materials. That, along with its investment in solar technology, reveals the brand's focus on sustainability and quality.