Chopard Watches

Chopard Watches

In 1860, at only 24 years old, Louis-Ulysses Chopard founded his eponymous brand in Switzerland. Chopard made his name producing a reliable and extremely precise timepiece in an elegant, thin case. His designs were so impressive that they caught the eye of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, who became a loyal client. Chopard’s fame quickly rose throughout Europe, and the company's reputation for quality would make it one of the world’s most desirable watch brands.

Chopard's iconic designs have endured throughout the years. The Happy Diamonds series has enjoyed more than 40 years of popularity. It is instantly identifiable by individual floating diamonds set in gold bezels that freely moving around the watch face. Motorsport enthusiasts appreciate the Mille Miglia series, inspired by the Italian car race of the same name. With sturdy stainless steel bezels and automatic, hand-winding, or quartz movements, its vintage, sporty look makes it an enduring classic.

The Legacy

The Chopard family ran the company until 1963, when the heir of a German watchmaking family approached them. Karl Scheufele III wanted to expand his family’s jewelry watchmaking company, but the company lacked its own movement manufacturing facilities. Chopard, on the other hand, had a well-regarded manufacturing workshop, but with no heirs interested in carrying on the family business. Thus, the last Chopard son sold his share and the two were integrated under the Chopard name. The leadership reins passed to the Scheufele family, where they remain today. In a market of conglomerates, Chopard remains one of the last family-owned watchmakers in the world.

Building on Strengths

Chopard's next phase brought continued advances in movement technologies and the expansion of its Swiss production facilities. It also integrated new metals and gems into styles that ranged from the ultra-luxurious to high-end everyday sport watches.

Joyful, Sporty Designs

Chopard’s greatest strength lies in blending the worlds of jewelry and haute horology. The Happy Diamonds line is a prime example. This now-iconic series was introduced in 1976 and is characterized by gold bezel-set diamonds floating on the face, which is encased in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Years later, Chopard tweaked this design and created the Happy Diamonds sport series in response to the modern woman's needs. Happy Sport watches delighted a new generation and broadened the appeal of Happy Diamonds, which now has watch bands in leather, stainless steel, and even rubber.

Mille Miglia is Chopard's chronograph series inspired by motorsports. Chopard developed the Mille Miglia watch series to honor the famous Italian motor race, of which Chopard is a title sponsor. Sports enthusiasts are instantly attracted by the sturdy feel of the Mille Miglia's solid metal bezels and vintage car rally styling. It also boasts a variety of sizes from 35mm-50mm. When you own an instrument of this caliber, there are no more excuses for being late.

Understated Elegance

The Chopard Imperiale is a classic series for those who value elegance. The L.U.C. series, named for Chopard’s founder, gives users the choice of a hand-wind crown or a piece that's powered automatically by the user's movement - no batteries required. These ultra high-end creations are masterpieces of ingenuity and craftsmanship, sought out by connoisseurs and collectors around the globe.