Casio Watches

Casio Watches

Casio is known internationally for producing digital timepieces of superior quality and sporty design. These highly functional models appeal to those who appreciate precision instruments and innovative technology. Each Casio wristwatch is developed using expert engineering with meticulous attention to detail and highly technical features. 

The iconic G-shock digital watch is one of the world's most shock-resistant timepieces. The G-shock watch offers functional world time and thermometer features with a stylish sports watch design. Casio's pro trek line is the ultimate outdoor companion, an ideal gift choice when looking for a durable sport watch. With so many different functions and styles, there is a Casio timepiece to complement every activity.

The Digital Revolution

Tadao Kashio founded Casio in Tokyo in 1957. There, with the help of his three brothers, Kashio developed advanced office equipment including Casio's well-known affordable handheld calculator. In 1974, Casio released the Casiotron, a digital wristwatch with an automatic calendar. This was its first foray into the watchmaking industry. Casio expanded production in the 1980s to include music equipment, audio components, and cameras. Today, Casio continues to integrate technology into everyday life with a variety of stylish timepieces that feature cutting-edge technology.

Ahead of the Curve

Casio focused on technical innovation since the beginning. Casio’s iconic G-shock collection, first released in 1983, is known as one of the world's most shock-resistant timepieces. The rugged wristwatch was developed by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe to withstand extreme conditions and easily endure everyday use. To achieve this, engineers covered internal components of the G-shock with a durable urethane coating. More than 200 handmade samples were destroyed before the final model was created. Over the next few decades, the G-shock gained a worldwide following.

In 1994, Casio introduced an exclusive women’s collection called the Baby-G. The oversized design offered a sporty alternative for the latest generation of active women. As a part of the Pro Trek series, Casio debuted the world’s first GPS wristwatch in 1999 called Satellite Navi. The revolutionary watch featured a simple map on a digital screen for accurate worldwide positioning and up to ten hours of reserve battery life.

Lasting Collections

The wide variety of men's and women’s Casio timepieces include black and rose gold styles that combine digital and analog timekeeping. Chronograph and world time clock features are ideal for travelers, while countdown timers and perpetual calendars make Casio the perfect sports watch. The Baby-G line combines fashion and function with multiple daily alarms and vibrant materials. With sturdy resin bezels and a variety of useful functions, there is a Casio wristwatch for every activity.

The Adventure Continues

From kite surfers and rock climbers to cyclists and urban runners, Casio timepieces are worn by those who appreciate adventure. Complex functions including altitude indicators, thermometers, and barometers make Casio timepieces an ideal sports watch while new design elements add a contemporary appeal. Combining the latest technology with lasting designs, Casio continues to produce enduring timepieces that advance modern watchmaking.