Bvlgari Watches


Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari founded the BVLGARI brand in Rome in 1884. Beloved by celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, BVLGARI has become synonymous with the height of luxury in fine jewelry. The brand attracts connoisseurs of fine jewelry who value watches that exhibit beautiful design, high-end finishes, and functional precision.

BVLGARI's timepieces include some of the brand’s most unique and instantly recognizable designs. Serpenti women's watches mimic the sinewy body of a serpent with trademark wraparound Tubogas bands and abundance of pavé diamonds. Meanwhile, the Octo line of men's watches demonstrates the magic of combining Swiss watchmaking expertise with BVLGARI's Italian style.

Jeweler to the Stars

BVLGARI jewelry is beloved among celebrities, on and off-screen. Elizabeth Taylor, an outspoken admirer of BVLGARI, dripped in BVLGARI jewels in her classic film Cleopatra. Many other iconic film stars, from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly, made frequent visits to BVLGARI's Roman boutique at the height of their careers. BVLGARI gold and gems have glittered on the silver screen in more than 40 films and added sparkle to countless red carpet appearances. BVLGARI timepieces reflect the brand’s connection to old Hollywood glamour, with diamonds, mother of pearl, and every imaginable shade of gold.

Striking Serpents

One of the most unique BVLGARI designs is the Serpenti line of women’s watches. These eye-catching pieces take the inspiration from the twisting body of a serpent. Oval watch faces represent the head, while serpentine watch bands wrap around the wrist multiple times in a style reminiscent of the body of a snake. Many of the Serpenti watch designs make use of BVLGARI's trademark Tubogas bands. These flexible, contoured bands are crafted from black and white ceramic material, durable stainless steel, and rose and yellow gold. Pavé diamonds set into the bezel, face, and serpentine bands make these watches truly striking to behold.

Italian Elegance Meets Swiss Precision

BVLGARI's Octo line of men’s watches demonstrates the magic that happens when Swiss watchmaking expertise meets the bold aesthetic sense of an Italian jeweler. The name of the design comes from the striking octagonal face of each watch. Octo line watches feature sleek, ultra-thin cases packed with features such as calendar windows and chronograph functionality. High-quality stainless steel bracelets and gold-tone details add a luxurious feel to these functional sports watches. Diagono watches offer a similar luxury sport-watch feel with options for both men and women.


The Bvlgari-Bvlgari line of timepieces has been a BVLGARI signature since 1975. Launched as a gift for BVLGARI's top 100 clients, this watch quickly became popular through word-of-mouth alone. The Bvlgari-Bvlgari logo is engraved into the bezel around each watch face in the style of an ancient Roman coin. Tubogas and bracelet bands in stainless steel and many shades of gold add to the elegance of these luxury watches.