Burgi Watches

Burgi Watches

Burgi__ __makes accessible women’s timepieces with an emphasis on eye-catching designs that make them cherished by those with an adventurous sense of style. Crafted to a high standard, Burgi watches feature unique flourishes and innovative forms with an enduring appeal.

Burgi presents a watch for every occasion that is both creative and glamorous. Its assortment of elegant watches features Swarovski crystal-set straps alongside mother of pearl dials and rose-gold tone stainless steel cases. Make a bold statement with a cubic zirconia bezel and diamond markers, or choose a slim-line bracelet watch with a comfortable leather strap for a more understated look. Chic and artfully crafted, Burgi watches make exquisite accessories.

Attainable Glamour

TWI Watches created Burgi as an exclusive in-house brand in 2005. Named after Jost Bürgi, a famous Swiss watchmaker from the 15th century, Burgi focused on producing fashionable watches. Aimed at the contemporary woman, Burgi wanted to combine style with affordability and a passion for innovation. Burgi’s daring wristwatches soon became popular with fashion fans around the globe.

With its headquarters in New York City, TWI relied on an international team of skilled technicians and artisans to produce Burgi’s artfully crafted watch collections. An official partner of Swarovski, Burgi produced crystal-encrusted watches with intricate designs while also maintaining an accessible price point.

Pairing Technology with Quality Materials

Burgi’s wrist watch collections for women offer bold designs and remarkable quality. Made with reliable Miyota quartz movements, each timepiece features superb accuracy. Burgi pairs this functionality with beauty, using materials like cubic zirconia, diamonds, and colored crystals for elevated allure. Original Swarovski crystal is man-made in Austria using quartz, sand, and minerals. Fired using intense heat, the minerals are then slowly cooled to reduce imperfections. Once cooled, technicians cut the solid crystal using a specialized machine designed by Daniel Swarovski. With as many as 100 mirrored faces per stone, a brilliant array of prisms and colors become visible when light passes through the face. For increased brilliance, certain crystals receive a coating of metallic chemical before the process is complete.

Exquisite Collections

Burgi’s watch assortments feature round stainless steel cases with quilted leather straps alongside rose-gold tone cases with mother of pearl inlay. A bracelet watch with a crystal-set bezel can dress up any look, while a casual white dial watch with diamond markers adds a touch of luxury. For a stylish wristwatch with added reliability, chronograph functions feature alongside baguette crystal markers and embossed leather straps in various colors, including red and black. Burgi presents a distinct collection of chic wristwatches in a variety of styles for every mood.

Confident Choices

With a dedication to details and commitment to excellence, Burgi watches offer a refined aesthetic with lasting quality. Burgi wristwatches are an ideal choice for design aficionados, while first-time buyers will appreciate the accessible style. With a wide range of models and a variety of looks, Burgi offers a bold accessory that remains true to a tradition of value.