Bulova Watches

Bulova Watches

Bulova is not afraid to dazzle with its detailed designs. Its watch faces often feature multiple dials, perfectly placed to capture every single moment. Combining both contemporary and classical themes, each chronograph is technologically advanced and attractive. Discover bold bezels and contrasting Art Deco flourishes throughout the collection.

Bulova is known as a company of firsts, with innovations that have sent ripples across the horological landscape. It has even made a mark on television and radio: Bulova created one of the first-ever commercials, aired moments before the broadcast of an American baseball game. Popular models from Bulova include the Marine Star, a water-resistant diver’s companion piece for women, and the Precisionist, another iconic chronograph with a sweeping second hand movement and—as the name suggests—incredibly precise.

Challenging Time-honored Traditions

In 1875, Joseph Bulova opened his first store on Maiden Lane in New York City's original Diamond District. Bulova was a Czech immigrant with big dreams and grand horological ambitions. He saw gaps in the flourishing watch market and knew mathematics and a clever approach to chronograph development could lead the way. Talented and entrepreneurial, Bulova would go on to standardize the mass production of watches—a move that changed the world of timekeeping. The company would go on to change history in other ways, as well. Its Moon Pilot Chronograph was the first privately owned timepiece to reach the moon.

Citizen purchased the Bulova Watch Company in 2008, making it the largest watch manufacturer on the globe and helping to preserve Bulova's unique approach to chronograph creation and continue building on its history of innovation.

Finding New Ways Forward

Bulova’s innovations have influenced how the entire industry produces its timepieces. The company’s Accutron design became famous for its faithful measurements, which use a resonating tuning fork to regulate timekeeping. This technology proved to be a more mechanically sound and precise operating model than those used by its contemporary counterparts. This dedication to accuracy has extended to other Bulova creations, including the photo timer, which is used to track runners’ finishing times.

Watches That Challenge Expectations

One particular Bulova chronograph drew significant attention for its innovative approach: the Precisionist. This contemporary piece has a sweeping second hand movement, setting it apart from other watches with a similar design. The Marine Star is another popular option. This water-resistant women’s watch is typically characterized by glittering embellishments and a bold bracelet strap. The Classic offers what Bulova calls “a glimpse into watchmaking” that blends American poise with traditional styles. This line includes tried and tested chronograph styles with a Bulova touch, from Art Deco leanings to artfully rounded Roman numerals.

Defining the Future of Watchmaking

Each watch from Bulova makes an impact, often with eye-catching dials and bold bezels. The brand's watches emphasize technological innovation, staying true to Joseph Bulova’s vision. This is often revealed through six-hand chronograph functions, where minute index markers allow the watches to track every second. Every watch has special touches that lend them character, without ever compromising on style or function.