Breitling Watches

Breitling Watches

There is an adventurous spirit captured within each Breitling watch. Crafted for flyers, surfers, filmmakers, and divers, these timepieces embody the same passion that prompted people to scale mountains and sail into the distant horizon. Breitling makes quality technical watches that withstand the toughest conditions. Each chronograph is vigorously tested and built to withstand the elements, ensuring that only the best are sent out into the world. These everlasting collector items are crafted to be worn, respected, and then passed down to the next generation.

Breitling is also committed to innovation. Its development of the chronograph led to the creation of its iconic Navitimer, the predecessor to today's smartwatch. The Navitimer pioneered the use of a slide rule to calculate metrics like airspeed and fuel consumption. To this day, aviators rely on the Navitimer as a backup navigation system. Breitling's innovative streak has only expanded since, delivering watches that continue to exceed expectations. 

History in the Making

Breitling can trace its roots back to 1884, when Léon Breitling began producing pocket watches and measuring tools in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Due to the quality of each chronograph he produced, Breitling’s work was soon adapted for scientific and military applications, where accuracy is vital. It was not until the late 1970s that the Breitling family sold the company to passionate watchmaker and pilot Ernest Schneider, who took the brand into a bold new era. Jumping ahead to modern times, Breitling’s rich heritage is now preserved and celebrated by CVC Capital Partners and to this day continues to challenge and revolutionize the watchmaking industry.

Built for Aviators and Adventurers

Technology remains at the forefront of everything Breitling creates. This is demonstrated by the brand’s beloved Breitling Navitimer. First developed in the 1950s with a flight-specific slide rule, it is still an essential companion for pilots and aircraft designers. Further horological advances were made by the company in the 1980s, when it reimagined its Chronomat watches by introducing bezel riders and an automatic chronograph caliber.

Watches for Professional Divers

Breitling, having conquered the skies, also created a collection of watches exclusively for divers: the SuperOcean Heritage line. For more than 60 years, the company has invested time and talent into creating chronometers that can withstand the ocean's depth and power. Robust and reliable, these watches have gained a strong following from water sports enthusiasts as well as professional divers. Back on dry land, Breitling’s intelligent Avenger design is made for explorers, able to withstand tough conditions, with shock resistance, high functionality, long-lasting power reserves, and clear date displays.

High-Flying Partnerships

Breitling has supported the Breitling Jet Team since 2003 as a perfect extention of the brand's rich aviation heritage. Breitling is also partnered with British luxury car manufacturer Bentley and was the first watchmaker to design an onboard clock for the carmaker's flagship model, the Continental GT. Since 2018, Breitling has worked with Ocean Conservancy to organize beach cleanups and educate people on how to stop the spread of pollution. Through these relationships, Breitling looks to continue its dedication to technological advancement, human passion, and constant progress.