Bell And Ross Watches

Bell & Ross Watches

The Bell & Ross name is synonymous with military-inspired precision. Accuracy is achieved through mechanical movements and a dial that takes cues from aircraft design. Each thoroughly tested chronograph from Bell & Ross is an essential accessory for explorers, aiding them in their journeys on land, under the sea, or into the stars.

Swiss-made and prized for their accuracy, each timepiece is tested under extreme conditions to ensure reliability. With input from bomb disposal experts and astronauts, Bell & Ross has two principal lines that successfully embody its style: Instrument and Vintage. The former is focused on adventure-ready environments, with shapes and color palettes inspired by the armed forces, while the latter is brimming with Aviation references.

Robust and Reliable Watches

Bell & Ross started in 1992 as a university project between two friends, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo. The pair used their names as the basis for their brand name Bell & Ross. Their aim from the start was to create a watch defined by its function, where practical aspects guided aesthetic decisions. As a result, the company's timepieces have easy-to-read visual indicators, similar to aircraft instrument panels. This distinct style makes each Bell & Ross watch an instantly recognizable collector's item.

Breaking Horological Limits

Swiss engineering underpins each Bell & Ross watch, adding  substance to style. Each timepiece is rigorously assessed to ensure it can cope with temperature changes, humid conditions, heat, high pressure, intense shocks, chemical exposure, and UV radiation. Bell & Ross even lends its wares to individuals who work in extreme conditions, such as bomb disposal experts and pilots. Water-resistance is another key feature in Bell & Ross' Marine designs, making this line an essential companion to sailors and surfers.

Unrestrained Innovation

The most definitive styles from Bell & Ross are present in the Aviation line. Polished stainless steel is found throughout the collection, complemented by leather straps or metal bracelets. Bold numerals and optional details like a GMT 24-hour time zone marker on the bezel allow for accurate readings, while the hour, minute, and second hands track every passing moment. Luminous touches make this chronograph ideal for dimly lit spaces, in keeping with the brand's military-inspired aesthetic.

The Instrument range is also heavily inspired by the armed forces. This line is characterized by khaki, black, and sandy hues, as well as block-like rubber shapes. The watches feature titanium bezels and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for ultimate durability. Bell & Ross also offers nostalgic limited edition pieces in its Vintage line, with watches featuring oversized displays, minimalist 70s-inspired color palettes, and understated charm.

Made for Adventurers

The Bell & Ross brand puts accuracy first. There is a robust grace in their watches, which have oversized hands and a bold design representing their inner toughness. These are chronographs designed for professionals, elite units, record-breakers, and sporting legends. Precision is paramount, resulting in a timepiece that can be trusted to stay on track in any environment.