Alpina Watches

Alpina Watches

Alpina is a Swiss watch company renowned for producing high-quality sports watches. To guarantee accuracy and reliability, Alpina designs each timepiece to the most exacting horological standards.

Alpina adheres to the standards of what a sports watch should be: antimagnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant, and stainless. Each of its collections embody these characteristics, with a flair for active style. The Alpiner X, with its UV monitor, altimeter, and barometer, will enthrall climbers and hikers. Meanwhile, the innovative Horological Smartwatch combines the latest technology with Swiss watchmaking prowess. No matter the model, wearers can guarantee that an Alpina watch will feature a robust build and reliable movements, perfect for the office or an adventure. 

A Product of Necessity

Swiss watchmaker Gottlieb Hauser found it difficult to get the parts and materials he needed to make watches. To solve his problem, he established the "Kooperation der Schweizer Uhrmacher" (Cooperation of Swiss Watchmakers) in 1883. The cooperative, later renamed "Alpina - Union Horlogère," aimed to reduce the cost of obtaining watchmaking components. Through the organized union, independent Swiss watchmakers were able to exchange watch parts, materials, and ideas. By doing this, the union aimed to optimize production. Soon, it began also making calibers and chronometers in-house.

By 1890, Alpina moved its headquarters to Biel, where one of its most influential suppliers, Jacob Straub, had a caliber factory. In 1900, the Alpina - Union Horlogère took part in the Paris Universal Exposition, showcasing the union’s calibers and creations to a worldwide audience. In 1901, Straub registered the Alpina logo, modeled after the Matterhorn. The red emblem still features proudly on all Alpina watches.

The Alpina 4

According to Jacob Straub, a true sports watch should be antimagnetic, antishock, water-resistant, and stainless. These principles came together in the Alpina 4, which received recognition as the world's leading sports watch until the "quartz crisis" rocked the Swiss watchmaking industry in the 1970s. In 2014 Alpina reintroduced this concept with the Alpiner 4. Taking inspiration from its predecessor, the Alpiner 4 breathes new life into a classic design with features like GMT displays and chronograph.

Looking to the Future

Alpina's collections continue to appeal to adventurers like divers, pilots, and athletes. The popular Seastrong Diver is made for intrepid pursuits. It's water-resistant up to 1,000 feet and is available in a choice of leather, rubber or stainless steel straps. Elegant styles from the Startimer collections will stand out both on and off the playing field. The Startimer Pilot Automatic has a traditional design, with a leather strap and a round face. Meanwhile, the Startimer Pilot Chronograph features three sub-dials and a robust case.

Technological innovation and time-honed design come together in the Alpiner X, Alpina's hybrid smartwatch. Analog and digital displays coexist seamlessly on this innovative timepiece. Hikers and climbers will appreciate features like a UV monitor, barometer, and altimeter, allowing them to get the most out of the great outdoors.