Akribos Xxiv Watches

Akribos XXIV Watches

Akribos XXIV is part of the TWI Watches family, a global watchmaker with locations in New York and Hong Kong. Translated from Greek, “Akribos” can mean either “beloved” or “accurate,” both words that define Akribos XXIV timepieces. The Roman numeral 24 identifies Akribos XXIV as a brand that works every hour of the day to produce watches for any number of occasions. In addition to being easy on the eye, each watch also promises precise timekeeping.

Akribos XXIV produces a diverse selection of desirable chronographs, including durable sports styles with chunky shapes. Gold and silver-tone metal meet crystal flourishes, introducing a luxurious element to the women’s watch selection. Luminous hands ensure precise timekeeping, while multifunction counters provide additional accuracy. Discover casual Akribos XXIV timepieces with rich leather or rubber straps, or choose a stainless steel bracelet.

Precision is Paramount

With nearly two decades in the industry, Akribos XXIV knows how to create desirable chronographs. Sports styles are usually defined by oversize dials and chunky bezels. Luminous hands and bold numerals allow for ease of viewing in low-light conditions and multifunction counters let the wearer track each passing second with extreme accuracy. Discover high-fashion pieces with cutout sections that expose elaborate inner workings. Silver and gold-tone hardware complement crystal embellishments on some chronograph styles, adding to their enduring appeal.

Traditional Styles Meet Contemporary Elements

Akribos XXIV utilizes a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors to make each of its pieces unique. Choose from watches with leather straps or stainless steel bracelets. Casual styles include floral accents and geometric shapes with flashes of masculine red and blue. Classic styles are also available in shades of black, white, and navy blue. The women’s watches in the Akribos XXIV line include traditionally feminine colors, including blush pink and rose-gold-tone metal. Look for twisting vine-like chains in this range, too, which take inspiration from the natural world and add a jewelry-inspired spin. Other materials that make Akribos pieces unique are cool ceramic and robust rubber.

Functionality and Form Combined

Akribos XXIV products stand out for their durability. Discover watches crafted from materials such as tough stainless and scratch-resistant mineral crystal. This is an industrial-strength range that is accessible and made to last. Many Akribos XXIV watches feature Swiss quartz components, as well as features like day and night indicators, moon phase trackers, and calendar functions. Wearers can choose between automatic and hand-wound movements, as well as models with water-resistant qualities.

Akribos XXIV watches combine this functionality with style. For instance, both round and rectangular dials feature in the selection, with the latter channeling an art deco vibe. Finally, each timepiece proudly bears the Akribos XXIV logo, testifying to the piece's high quality.

A Diverse Range With Casual and Formal Looks

Akribos XXIV offers a wide range of styles that showcase its diversity. These styles include luxury old-fashioned shapes reminiscent of pocket watches, complete with Roman numerals. Modish designs include divers watches infused with style and function, such as dot markers and mathematical diagrams. Akribos XXIV chronographs stand out for their accessibility and desirability, making them an stylish gift that will stand the test of time.